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This page describes the Gammapy project organisation and the main roles and responsibilities in the Gammapy team.

This structure was put in place in January 2018 based on our experience developing Gammapy since 2013, as well more generally with science tool software development in the H.E.S.S. and CTA collaborations. We also took inspiration from the way the Astropy and Sunpy projects are organised, since they are in a similar situation as Gammapy: a distributed development team and a variety of people and projects using and depending on them.

We expect this structure to evolve over the coming years, adapting to the size and composition of the Gammapy development team, and the requirements and needs of scientists and projects using Gammapy. If you would like to become part of the Gammapy team, please get in contact. Help is always welcome!


The following sections describe the major roles and responsibilities in the Gammapy team:

Coordination Committee

The Gammapy coordination committee (CC) is the board that is responsible to promote, coordinate and steer Gammapy developments. It also serves as main contact point for the Gammapy project.

Gammapy is developed and used by people and projects from several institutes and countries, with different needs, priorities and schedules. Members of the CC are representatives for the major stakeholders, i.e. groups that have contributed significantly to Gammapy development, as well as projects like H.E.S.S. and CTA that are using Gammapy. In addition, the Gammapy project managers and lead developers are part of the Gammapy CC.

Responsibilities include:

Current CC members (alphabetical order):

Project managers

The project manager and the deputy project manager are the non-technical executive lead for the Gammapy project.

The project managers are appointed by the Gammapy coordination committee, and work closely with the Gammapy coordination committee, lead developers, contributors and users.

Responsibilities include:

The current project manager is Bruno Khélifi, the deputy project manager is Christopher van Eldik.

Lead developers

The lead developers are the technical executive leads for the Gammapy project.

The lead developers are appointed by the Gammapy coordination committee, and work closely with the Gammapy coordination committee, project managers and contributors.

Responsibilities include:

The current lead developers are Axel Donath and Régis Terrier.

Sub-package maintainers

Among the Gammapy core developer team, they are some experts that are devoted to the maintenance of some sub-packages.

They are in charge of:

The list of sub-package maintainers is given below:

Maintainer Sub-package(s)
Quentin Remy (MPIK) catalog, datasets, modeling
Atreyee Sinha (GAE-UCM) datasets, irf, makers


As of March 2021, there have been ~70 different contributors to Gammapy from ~10 countries and ~200 people are subscribed to the Gammapy Slack. An overview of all contributors can be found on GitHub.

There is no useful automatic way to measure how much someone contributed. The most common measure used is commits to the code repository. However the number of commits is not the only a useful measure. Some contributors spent several days to find and fix an important bug, or implement a big and complex feature that only results in a single commit. If someone makes a good bug report or does code review or mentoring or organisational work for Gammapy it does not show up in the commit statistic at all. Please know that any contribution to the Gammapy project is valued!

The list of contributions into conferences, hands-on sessions and schools, and for recipies can be found on the following list:

Supporting institutions

People involved in Gammapy are coming from different institutions, laboratories and universities. We acknowledge them for their daily support. Here are listed the main institutions (alphabetical order):

Institutions supporting the project


Several grants have helped to support the development of Gammapy, including: